Queensland ATP 1069

The Company will hold a 100% interest in a granted hydrocarbon permit in Queensland*.

*subject to approval from the Minister for Resources for the transfer of ATP 1069 from Tri-Star, the Company will hold a 100% interest in the permit through its 100% owned subsidiary Tomorrow Energy Corporation Pty Ltd

Permit Overview and Prospectivity Potential

  • ATP 1069 is located 130km north-west of Charleville in Central Queensland, covering an area of 4,185km2
  • Two wells drilled to date: Barwinock-1 (1988) and Barwinock-2 (2019).

Conventional gas targets:

  • The permit has potential gas prospectivity within all three of the underlying basins, the Adavale, Eromanga, and Galilee basins
  • The Gilmore Gas Field, 50km west of ATP 1069, has demonstrated commercial conventional gas production from the Lissoy Sandstone and Log Creek Formation. Interpretation suggests these formations may be present within ATP 1069

Unconventional oil and gas targets:

  • Coal seam gas (CSG) potential in the late Permian Bandanna Formation and the Jurassic Birkhead Formation
  • Shale gas and shale oil in the Toolebuc Formation
Prospectivity Type Prospectivity Potential (1)
Area (km2) Unit Thickness (m)
Conventional 896 Lissoy Sandstone 20-50
Coal Seam Gas 1,247 Betts Creek Coals 5-20
Shale Oil / Gas 1,247 Toolebuc Shale 10-20

1. Source: Summary of the Prospectivity of Certain Exploration Permits, Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia (ERCE)

Queensland Map
Tri-Star Project

Work Program

  • All firm commitments related to expenditures on the block have been fulfilled
  • Detailed technical review of the existing well and seismic data as well as shooting additional 2D seismic acquisition to facilitate lead / prospect development
  • Primary target is deeper gas potential – unexplored on the permit to date. CSG prospectivity will also be appraised

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